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Just 7 weeks to the IFBB WORLD NATURAL QUALIFIER in Winnipeg on April 28th! This week I continue into my second week of increasing workout frequency by accelerating RECOVERY through NUTRITION. The combination of consistent meal timing (every 2.5-3hrs), increased protein intake (1.25g/lb of LBM), pre/post-exercise IsaLean Shakes and Product B Telomere Health & Antioxidant Support (6/day) is allowing me to achieve the otherwise impossible! I am able to reduce recovery time by up to 2 full days. For example, I train my arms 3x/week versus what I normally do at 2x/week. My chest and back are ready for more on the third or fourth day instead of the fifth day. In order to accommodate the ideal rest period for ALL muscle groups (as they all have different rates of recovery) and keep my workouts under 60min I will sometimes schedule 2 workouts per day for 2 different muscle groups.

Here is this morning’s workout for Chest and Back. For each workout I know EXACTLY what exercises I will be doing, how many sets and at what speed, how long my rest between sets to the second and with SPECIFIC goals for a certain number of reps at a pre-determined weight. However, I also fine tune this in real time during the workout to ensure my efforts are maximized…and so are my RESULTS!

This morning I was approached by another gym member who said “I’ve seen you training and you definitely look like you know what you’re doing. I have a question…” This happens quite often whether I’m at the gym, waiting in line at the grocery store, or enjoying time with my family at the beach. Outside of referrals, this is how I get most of my new clients, simply “Living by Example”.

As I post this I am just about to start my second workout for the day which I’ll be posting soon.