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When I hit the gym I hold NOTHING back. I’m often asked, “What are you training for?…What sport do you play?…Why are you training so hard?” My answers used to be, “For the joy of it…Life is my sport…How you do one thing is how you do everything, and I’m one who believes we are here to give 100% (whatever that may be in this moment).”

Now, I’m training for something BIGGER. Something I never thought I’d be training for…In honour and for the love of my brother, and using the sport of bodybuilding as my vehicle. With only 1 week away from my next competition (IFBB World Naturals Qualifier) there’s a fine line between maximizing results and risking illness or injury when your’re giving every you’ve got.

A couple of days ago I strained a muscle in the left side of my lower back, to the point where it had me immobilized for most of the day yesterday. BUT with lots of rest, massage and stretching throughout the day my recovery process accelerated enough that I could hit the gym today for one of my last critical workouts. Although I knew I would have to be very careful and be prepared to modify my routine.

Exercising with a heightened sense of body awareness I began with the first exercise. I could tell the muscle strain was there but through extra attention given to the most perfect technique that involved consciously recruiting the muscles contributing as synergists and stabilizers I was not only able to avoid further stressing the injured muscle BUT better isolated the target muscles of the exercise AND at an increased load!

As I progressed through my routine I approached every exercise with this same strategy. By the end of the routine I could no longer feel my strained muscle! Rather than giving in to injury, I was able to apply “intelligent intensity” to training the “movement” of each exercise in such a way as to better isolate the target muscles and help the strained muscle recover.

I also have to admit that going into my workout I sent out a little prayer to Steve to help me get through this training session successfully. Thanks little Bro for whatever role you played in this 🙂