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Watch my posing routine here:

Preparing for my first bodybuilding competition I found that creating and practicing my posing routine was the most stressful part. Mostly because without adding something else it was challenging enough just to fit in both of our increased levels of training closer to the competition and keep on top of our diet while still managing all the usual day-to-day commitments with our business and looking after the kids. Plus I was doing this in honour of my brother, wanted to deliver something meaningful for him yet entertaining for the audience and although I don’t consider myself a “perfectionist” I still strive for excellence in whatever I do. I choreographed my 60sec posing routine to a song I selected from my brother’s collection of music. It was a challenge trying to find just the right song because I wanted it to be meaningful but I needed a more upbeat and fun song because a) that’s who my brother was, and b) it would be more entertaining for the audience. So after going through ALL of my brother’s CD’s and music files I found an ideal 60sec clip from the song “Flashdance” by Deep Dish (and no this has nothing to do with the Flashdance movie – LOL). The entire routine was inspired by who my brother was to me with the choreography of three particular parts containing special meaning/symbolism.