WHAT’S NEXT? Successful Goal Transitioning

July 11, 2016 — Leave a comment

Post-goal withdrawal! This is a common challenge that follows the completion of major goals. Often not properly addressed, it’s the reason behind why many people find themselves falling off track after they’ve done so well for so long. Now that my big competition has come and gone, I’m left with the big question “What’s next?

Here’s the key to successful goal transitioning… “Remember to always goal-set THRU the event, and not just TO the event, so as to stay positive and active – to avoid the emotional letdown that typically happens after big goals like this.” These are such wise words shared with me by my client Pat Mussieux, who is an award-winning business coach. Check her out at www.hirePat.com.

I see this emotional letdown happen often with many clients I’ve coached over the years, whether they’re training for a major athletic event, completing their first Isagenix 30-day program or entering the IsaBody Challenge. For myself, I found my mindset to be different going into the national championships and coming out of it. Partly because it’s my second national competition and partly because I enjoyed so much unplugged downtime immediately afterwards to relax and reflect. I’ve transitioned quite nicely into already setting new goals and prepping for what I need to achieve for the nationals next year to better myself and my placing. I’m in a very good place both physically and mentally. It’s also been good for me to have Alissa competing so soon after my competition (just 2 more weeks in Barrie for her) sharing in her goals as I help with her prep.

During this part of my journey to the 2016 Canadian Natural Championships IFBB World Qualifier I experienced several new achievements and won in so many ways:

  • COMPETITION PLACING: Since I first competed at the nationals in 2012, I increased my ranking from a 6th to a 5th place finish in the Men’s Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight Class, and from a 5th to a 4th in the Men’s Bodybuilding Over 40 Master’s Class.
  • PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: Although I did not hit my competition goal weight of 198lbs, I was the leanest I’ve ever been at 188lbs. Since my last competition in August 2015 my waist was a half inch narrower, my chest/back an inch wider and I gained a half inch on my arms and an inch on my thighs. I know I could have done more to still make better gains, but progress is still progress and I’ll take it! This is all about refining the process, and for me it’s the real appeal behind why I’m drawn to this particular sport….the journey of constant and never-ending improvement, and the 24/7/365 lifestyle aspect (there is no off-season!).
  • FAMILY: My two kids, Brayden (10) and Lauren (6) got to watch me compete for the first time. This made it an extra special competition and more memorable experience. This is a family affair and we live a “family-friendly” lifestyle for contest prep.  They witness the daily process of healthy nutrition and intense training so it was great for them to see the final outcome. In the end, I could not achieve what I do without the support of my family so everyone shares in the success. Another side-benefit of attending the national championships that were held in Moncton, NB was tagging on what turned out to be an amazing family vacation!
  • PERSONAL MISSION/SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION: This competition was on live Webcast which allowed so many clients, friends and family to watch. Plus as cast members for the show “Radical Body Transformation – Season 2” our journey is being documented for all to see. This helps me better serve my ultimate goal and greatest motivator for competing, which is not what I can achieve personally, but what I can inspire in others to achieve.


    The family being interviewed by James Hergott for “Radical Body Transformation – Season 2


  • COMPETITION PLACING: To increase my ranking further from a 4th and 5th place finish at the 2017 National Championships.
  • PHYSICAL CONDITIONING: Continue to improve my fitness, and work on increasing my lean body mass by another 10lbs while achieving the same or slightly lower level of body fat for a competition weight of 198lbs.
  • FAMILY: With Alissa competing at the Regional Qualifier in Barrie, ON (in 2 weeks) for the Provincial Championships (in 3 weeks), support her in her prep with our shared goal of both being qualified to compete at the 2017 National Championships together. And pending on the location of the 2017 National Championships maybe tag on another Boris family vacation!
  • PERSONAL MISSION/SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION: Continue to live by higher example, out of respect and admiration for those who have done so before me, in appreciation of those who continue to support and believe in me, and as an inspiration for others to pursue their own goals.

So, what was once a new milestone before has become a new stepping stone for achieving more. Whatever your goals and struggles, Embrace Your Journey, Celebrate Each Success along the way, Learn and Grow through the Challenges, and keep motivated looking forward to all the New Possibilities with excitement!


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