3 Days Out: What does it look like?

June 22, 2016 — Leave a comment


Shake 3 days out
What’s this? 3 days out and I’m still enjoying my IsaLean Pro shake with some fruit? This is NOT your typical contest prep, but the results are NOT typical either! I can do this because this is not just any ordinary shake and proper post-exercise nutrient timing along with nutritional cleansing also makes it possible.

Completing my last two strength-training workouts today. Already did Chest & Back early this morning and will be hitting Shoulders & Arms this afternoon. No cardio today but the way I do strength-training, it’s better than cardio! Following the “Crazy 8’s” workout with supersets…8 sets of 8 reps for each exercise, with exercises performed back-to-back in pairs with NO REST. My diet consists of eating every 2hrs a combination of protein and veg. The only exception is within the 3hr window post-exercise of each workout where I consume an IsaLean Pro shake immediately afterwards, then an hour later 2 rice cakes with coconut oil or almond butter and IsaPro, then another hour later a meal of chicken, veg and yams. Also drinking 24 cups of water throughout the day.


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