Who Inspires You?

June 13, 2016 — Leave a comment

Who inspires you to want to do good and be the best version of you? Here is my personal motivation mantra I first wrote in 1999 after the first of all my grandparents passed away. I’ve never shared this with anyone before but the timing feels right with the 2016 Canadian National Championships (CBBF) World Qualifier a mere 12 days away, plus dealing with illness in the family along with some recent news of the passing of a friend.Motivation Mantra

Whatever goals I strive for are not about what I can accomplish for myself, but what I can help inspire in others to accomplish. To be the best possible role model I can for my I Do My Bestchildren, to be the best version of the man my wife decided to marry, to honour and give meaning to the lives of those before me who made it possible for me to be here or to have
the opportunities I’m blessed with, to be an example to others of the possibilities that exist for everyone when they dare to dream and believe in something greater. In short, I’m inspired to do good and be my best because of my kids, my wife and you.

Sure it would be really nice to finish in the top three of the Canadian National Championships but the only thing I have control over is a) integrity with how I got myself in shape to get there, and b) showing up in my best possible shape above and beyond what I’ve been able to personally achieve with my conditioning before. Now if my current conditioning is worthy of a top three placing the greatest value of this to me is what it’s worth in helping inspire others.



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