March Break Blitz & Breakthrough

March 18, 2016 — Leave a comment

IsaBody-Nationals CountdownDoubly committed and driven with my current IsaBody Challenge ending just 1 week prior to the Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Championships in June! Made this week a “March Break Blitz & Breakthrough“…With some clients away and taking some more personal time off I’ve “amplified” my workouts through a daily double split (two strength-training workouts per day) that helped me accomplish three things:

  1. IMG_6770Create a second Anabolic Window each training day for naturally boosting insulin-like growth factor, growth hormone and testosterone levels.
  2. Take advantage of the power of Nutrient-timing twice daily where I could increase my consumption of total calories, carbs and protein post-exercise for enhancing muscle protein synthesis and glycogen uptake.
  3. Apply the Principle of Prioritization, training only one muscle group per workout so that I am able to maximize both training volume and intensity for that muscle group, while still keeping total workout duration short.

Increasing my intake of IsaLean Pro shakes (36g of undenatured whey concentrate) and the Amped Performance products this week allowed me to fully recover faster, shortening my recovery cycle, so I wasn’t only training twice a day, but could also hit each muscle group hard twice during the week.

Before Summer Shape-up-April30-2014When I sit still I can SEE and FEEL the muscles g-r-o-w-i-n-g! LOL. Seriously, I’ve got “growing pains” this week, feeling muscles in ways I have never felt them. I’ve always struggled to keep my body weight above 200lbs for more than a couple days, but I’ve changed that this week!



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