No Time to Eat, No Time to Prepare…NO PROBLEM!

March 30, 2012 — Leave a comment


It’s amazing what quality nutrition you can throw together, especially something quick and easy to eat when there’s little time in your day to even eat it! Today I was booked back-to-back performing practical assessments on my university students for their CPTN personal training certification. The 4 meals pictured here took me a total of 10min to prepare. Then before beginning each of the scheduled practicals I simply took 5min out to fuel my body’s health, performance and recovery needs!

Meal #1 = IsaLean Shake* & Rice Cakes (morning post-workout)
Meal #2 = Cottage Cheese & Apple
Meal #3 = Tuna & Raw Veggies
Meal #4 = Chicken (leftovers) & Raw Veggies
Meal #5 = IsaLean Shake* (late afternoon pre-workout)
Meal #6 = Chicken, Beef or Eggs & Cooked Veggies & Brown Rice or Pasta
Meal #7 = Yogurt + whey protein + chia seed + almonds

Meals 1 to 4 are pictured as what I packed for my day.

*Note: The IsaLean shake is a whole-food total meal replacement with the nutrient equivalent to 4 balanced meals.

After my practicals I hit the gym, and after my workout I will consume my post-exercise recovery IsaLean Shake and then an hour later my largest meal of the day. This will consist of some source of protein (chicken, beef or eggs), some veggies and either pasta or brown rice for tonight.

Train Smart. Eat Smarter. Transform!

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