December 15, 2011 — 1 Comment

Just as I could have let my brother’s death be more of a setback, so could I choose to let a current case of severe bursitis in my right elbow set my training back in preparation for the World Naturals. Rather than add insult to injury, I embrace this as an opportunity to explore a new direction in improving my Life and my Fitness!

I admit that when I first experienced this injury last week I was NOT happy. It was so bad that my swollen right elbow THROBBED non-stop even while I was just sitting still and doing nothing! I couldn’t move it and I couldn’t let it rest against anything it hurt so bad. I was forced to give in and just REST. Amidst everything else going on in my life right now with the building of our house and fitness studio while living/working out of my parent’s home I knew there was a Higher Power at work forcing me to slow down so I listened. Afterall, what choice did I have. Slow down I did; Stop I did not! (I should also mention how my immune system has also become weakened during this time giving me a nice little cold to deal with.)

So for a solid three days I took a break from all exercise and simply rested as much as possible while increasing the nutritional support to my body with extra IsaLean Shakes, glutamine, vitamin C, Ionix Supreme, EFA’s and Product B. WOW, talk about the fast road to recovery!

On day four I cautiously returned to the gym for some cardio and abs. Using “exercise as medicine” with just the right dose it gave my immune and lymphatic systems the boost they needed. Day five I was able to hit the legs hard and include some moderate work for the chest and back. I made sure to follow my workout with the best post-exercise nutritional support and ice my elbow. Day six was another cardio and ab day. And today, day seven, a moderate shoulder and arm workout was a huge success.

What I noticed through having to re-design my exercise routine, being very selective of each exercise and modifying exercise technique so as to minimize unwanted stress to my elbow while still maximizing recruitment of the target muscles was a “quantum leap” in my results! Having to creatively adapt each exercise to my needs used new motor pathways, challenged my core in different ways and stimulated my muscles in new ways I had not felt before.

Once again “Life falls apart beautifully” when you take the path of least resistance, remaining open to making the most out of what you’re given. How is your life falling apart beautifully so as to allow you to become something greater?



    Very well said Jeff.

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