What’s Your Sign?

September 8, 2011 — 2 Comments

The “Universe“, “God“, “Great Mystery“, whatever you want to call it works in the most mysterious and subtle ways. Once in awhile we will receive a life-changing wake-up call that’s so obvious it’s hard to ignore – a major illness or death of a loved one – but more often we are given more subtle “signs” that easily go unnoticed if we are not “tuned in” to that something greater. This reminds me of the movie “Signs” starring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix.

Graham Hess (Mel Gibson) is a former preacher. His wife Colleen, was killed in a traffic accident. The accident left Graham embittered and caused him to lose his faith. During this movie about an alien invasion, one of the aliens gets into their house and grabs Graham’s son Morgan, causing Morgan to have an asthma attack. Graham realizes that he has left Morgan’s inhaler upstairs, and watches helplessly as the boy slowly passes out. Graham flashes to the memory of the night that his wife died. She was pinned between the car and a tree, and the Sheriff informed Graham that as soon as they move the car, she will die since she was alive unnaturally already. He talks with his wife, and she tells him to tell Morgan to have fun and to be silly, for Bo to always listen to her brother because he will take care of her. She tells Graham to “see” and tells Merrill to “swing away.” Graham realizes that there are no coincidences, that everything happens for a reason, and he finds new meaning in his wife’s final words. Looking around the living room, he notices Merrill’s homerun bat mounted on the wall, just a few feet from where Merrill is standing. He turns back to the alien, and tells Merrill to “swing away.” Merrill realizes what he is stating, and grabs the baseball bat off of the wall. Seeing this, the alien sprays toxic gas into Morgan’s face. Merrill swings his bat at the alien, knocking it down, causing it to drop Morgan, and causing one of Bo’s water glasses to spill onto it. The water acts like acid on the alien’s skin; Merrill starts smashing all of the glasses, soaking the alien and killing it. Morgan soon recovers having been saved from the alien’s gas when his throat closed during the asthma attack. A grateful Graham comes to believe that many of the seemingly random and tragic events of his life were in fact designed to save Morgan and his family in this moment. He finally “sees” that everything happened for a reason.

And so it has been within my own life, recognizing how a series of “signs” occurring in relatively close proximity to each other holds meaning. My most recent experience of this occurred several days ago as I struggled with the decision of whether to compete in the upcoming Ontario Naturals Provincal Bodybuilding Championships. It just felt like there was already too much extra going on in my life with selling our house, having to move twice and all the decisions that come with building a new home. So what “signs” did I receive that helped reveal to me that I MUST compete?

First of all, having a solid two and a half hours of quiet, reflective me time as I drove from my home in Strathroy to Pickering allowed me to clear my mind, creating the “space” and “peace” I need to be more open and receptive to recognizing such signs. As I exited the 401 at my turnoff I immediately recognized this exit as one I had last taken with my brother. It was one of the last times we had spent some quality bonding time together and the details of that day came back to me so fresh like it was yesterday. At that point I realized how many memories of my brother I have unconsciously been suppressing because of how painful losing him has been for me. As I continued to reflect on that time I could increasingly “feel” his presence. This feeling, which I have come to recognize now quite easily, stayed with me for the next 24hrs. What also followed during this 24hr period were a series of connected and meaningful events that included:

  • Specific conversations with friends and family where the questions they asked and the thoughts they shared were all too similar carrying the same message; some conversations containing things unexpected from those people.
  • Personal thoughts/insights immediately followed by a song on the radio where either the words were timely or it was a song that had a connection with my brother.
  • The appearance of THREE DEER in different forms all within a few minutes apart but coinciding with specific thoughts/feelings I was experiencing (I’ve learned that the deer is my animal spirit guide and there was a unique series of events involving me hitting a deer just moments before learning of my brother’s death. I will post details in another post.)

Since heeding the advice found in my signs, and committing myself 100% to be “All In” I am astonished at how a Life of insurmountable “obstacles” has opened up to be a clearer Path of overcoming “challenges”. Once again I have found myself reminded that the personal growth and the victory we need to live in greater alignment with our Higher Self, fulfilling who we are meant to Be, is not found at the “destination” or in the “winning” BUT in our “Becoming”. Regardless of my outcome at the Ontario Naturals Championships, I know I will be a better person in better shape simply for having accepted this “Bodyssey”!

What “signs” have YOU been missing? What GOALS and NEW EXPERIENCES are you denying yourself (and your loved ones who are the benefactors of your growth)?

2 responses to What’s Your Sign?


    Thank you Jeff !!! This was a much needed read and touched my soul !!!

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