Results of our First Fitness Competition

May 8, 2011 — 2 Comments


View the victory video on Youtube at:

What an amazing day! What a rewarding experience for both Alissa and myself. The initial 12 weeks of this journey (the bodyssey will continue) was already a winning experience. Placing 2nd & 3rd in two different categories was just a bonus in honour of my brother. Although Alissa did not place she excelled personally and I have never been more proud to see my wife achieve such a challenging goal and strut her stuff!!! Together it was husband and wife “Team Boris” who won because neither of us would have achieved what we set out to do without the love and support of each other.

This was also a successful “Isagenix 4 Hour Body” experiment showing how combining the Isagenix Nutritional System with key concepts from the book “The 4 Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss can drastically cut down the time it takes to be contest ready. What takes most competitors AT LEAST 6 months to achieve can be done much more easily with less restrictive and unhealthy practices (like severe carb depletion, dehydration and excessive amounts of exercise) in as little as 12 weeks!

And so the “Bodyssey” continues…my 2nd and 3rd place finishing qualify me for the Ontario Provincial Championships on September 24th, 2011 in Hamilton, ON. Since I’m already in this condition, having come this far (and having FUN) I am making this my next goal! And rumour has it that Alissa may be entering the 2011 Henderson Thorne Classic in Brantford, ON on July 9th, 2011!

2 responses to Results of our First Fitness Competition


    Congratulations Jeff! I am so proud of you and your accomplishment!! Alissa has impressed me beyond words and I think together you guys will continuing to accomplish mindblowing goals!! Luv you both!! Lori


      Thanks Lori from both of us! As you know “success breeds success” and what we have experienced and learned through this is now our new foundation for new “mindblowing goals” in all areas of our life!

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