Our Favourite Superfood Evening Ritual

April 25, 2011 — 2 Comments


Tastes like dessert! BUT Builds Muscle…Burns Fat…Accelerates Recovery…Strengthens Immune Function…Fights Free Radicals…Modulates Body’s Inflammatory Response…Alkalizes…Supports Natural Cleansing Processes…Enhances Sleep…Improves Digestive Function…Balances Brain Chemistry…Optimizes Metabolic Function…and more!

2 responses to Our Favourite Superfood Evening Ritual


    Hi Jeff/Alissa

    I have a couple questions about “yogurt crunchies.” In your meal plans you list the ingredients however there is no mention of cocoa nibs or it’s quantity as pictured. Also, what kind of yogurt do you use (i.e. fat free, full fat)?



      For cacao nibs we add about 1tbsp. Same with the chia seed and hemp seed. For yogurt we use regular fat, organic yogurt. NO low fat. We’re not fans of “low-fat” foods as long as the fats are naturally occurring. Nature put them there for a reason and the process that removes the fats from dairy foods also removes key nutrients and co-factors important in it being digested and utilized properly. I believe lactose intolerance and other food sensitivities stem from consuming “incomplete foods” where the fat and other nutrients have been removed. Furthermore, especially for women, it’s counterproductive to be eating a diet too low in fat. We haven’t done anything to cut fat from our diet as we have been cutting the fat from our body 🙂 Consuming sufficient fat is one of the keys to creating that “responsive metabolism” I referred to in response to another one of your e-mails.

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