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April 21, 2011 — Leave a comment

After reading Alissa’s thoughts here then watch her What was I thinking? video at:


(video recorded earlier at the 6 week halfway point to the competition)

In the back of my mind I always thought about doing a fitness competition but always held back because I could never see myself doing some routine on the stage that involved showcasing some fitness talent. Not to mention I am not very flexible – have you seen some of those routines? Then I was 5 months pregnant with Lauren and we were invited to watch a Fitness Star Competition. I sat there and said “I can do that no problem!” I felt pretty confident because I was in amazing shape when we won the Isagenix Isabody Challenge in 2007. I even said to Jeff I should do one after Lauren was born to get back in shape. But who was I kidding? I now had 2 kids and I was even busier! This past January I was at a health show where we had a booth and twice in that day I was approached about 2 different fitness shows and I started thinking – Is this a sign? With the unfortunate passing of my brother-in-law it was Jeff that stepped up and said “Let’s enter together! Let’s put ourselves out there!” I don’t know why, but Jeff has a way of getting me to agree to some of his ideas.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I will share some of that with you…First of all to chose or not to chose to do bikini or enter in the figure category? To be in figure  you have to be a lot more defined (which of course means more training and to be more diligent with diet). I decided to take the plunge and push myself. It is about the journey right? I had no idea that one of those little bikini’s cost anywhere from $350 and up! My favourite part is to get my suit from not riding up my behind I need to have “bikini bite” applied which is like a glue! Also, the “chicken cutlets” that will enhance my breasts. Now, if anyone knows me I love flats and am barely seen in heels (there is a reason). I will be wearing 4 inch heels that day! My one sister I swear just wants to come to get a good laugh!!! But she may not even recognize me on stage because I will be spray tanned and all glammed up. Apparently after being tanned I am told it is best just to try and stay still (again we are talking about me – sitting still???).

Aside from all of that I have wrapped my head around that and can see myself pulling it all off. I have to thank our fitness competitor friend Eftihia who met us in Kitchener a few weeks back and showed me how to pose and gave me some amazing tips. I am so grateful to her. My “trainer” on the other hand…some days I want to tell him off because I am too tired to want to work out! I guess it is hard when your trainer is your husband. I relent and do what he tells me – what exercises to do, when to run, what to eat and when it is best to take my supplements. But I do have to say what he has me doing is working and I can’t believe how much my body is changing! He is an amazing trainer and is so great at what he does. Even though I am not the best client I hope he is secretly happy of the strides I have made (even on vacation last week).

Going through this takes real dedication and for anyone that has done a competition my hats off to you for all your hard work to get stage ready.

After this weekend only 2 weeks to go…..

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