Alissa’s Daily Dietary Intake

April 20, 2011 — 8 Comments


TOTAL PROTEIN (1.25g/lb of lean body mass) = 116g

NOTE: Specific amount of protein helps to supply body with essential amino acids as building blocks for muscle hypertrophy and to prevent catabolism of muscle. However, no need to count calories, carbs or fat when consuming “quality” calories at proper intervals with attention paid to “nutrient timing”, training according to the “Minimal Effective Dose (MED)”, and enhancing body’s digestive efficiency, supporting energy metabolism, hypertrophy and lypolytic  processes through smart supplementation (helps body metabolize carbs & fats, increases effectiveness of insulin, etc.) and nutritional cleansing.

MEAL #1 – Pre-workout (within 30min of waking) – 7:00am

Option A – IsaLean Shake: 1.5 scoops of IsaLean + IsaFruits + 1tbsp chia seed + 1tbsp coconut oil

Option B – Oatmeal (1/3 cup) + ¼ cup blueberries (or IsaFruits) + 1tbsp chia seed + 1tbsp coconut oil + 1 scoop of IsaPro

MEAL #2 – Immediately Post-workout – 9:00am

IsaLean Shake: 1.5 scoops of IsaLean + 1 scoop IsaPro + 1tsp glutamine + 1tbsp coconut oil

MEAL #3 (1 hour after post-workout shake) – 10:00am

Option A – Eggs (2tbsp egg whites + 2 whole eggs) + 1 slice rye toast with butter or ½ cup of oatmeal

[Note: Eggs prepared any way, incl. as an omelet with cheese and veggies.]

Option B – Tuna Melt: ½ can tuna on 2 rice cakes with cheese

MEAL #4 (2-3hrs after Meal #3) – 12:30pm

Mixed Bean Salad (1 – 1.25 cups): Choose between quinoa, brown rice or whole wheat pasta combined with mixed beans, red peppers, celery, broccoli and avocado. Use olive oil or macadamia nut oil and natural spices/herbs to flavour.

MEAL #5 (2-3hrs after Meal #4) – 3:00pm

Option A – Apple/Pear or Celery with Almond butter or Apple/Pear with 6-8 almonds

Option B – 2 hard-boiled eggs and raw veggies (red/green peppers, cucumber, carrots)

MEAL #6 (dinner: 2-3hrs after Meal #5) – 5:30pm

Chicken/Fish/Pork/Beef (3-5oz) with unlimited veggies

MEAL #7 (evening snack)

“Yogurt Crunchies”: ½ cup plain yogurt mixed with 1 scoop IsaLean, 1tsp glutamine, 6-8 almonds, 1tbsp chia seed, 1tbsp hemp


Cleanse for Life (Isagenix): 1-2oz/day taken upon waking

Accelerator Capsules (Isagenix): 2/day; Taken at meal #1 and meal #4

Digest Gold (Enzymedica): 2/day; Taken at meal #3 and meal #6

Women’s Essentials Multi (Isagenix): 4/day taken spread throughout the day

BroccoGen 10 (concentrated source of sulforaphane glucosinolate): 3-6/day taken spread throughout the day

WholeOmega Fish Oil (New Chapter): 2g/day

GTF Chromium (New Chapter): 1/day taken at meal #7

Ionix Supreme (Isagenix): 1oz/day taken upon waking

Creatine Freak or Purple K: Taken daily pre/post exercise

A Natural Organic Thermogenic Blend consisting of green tea, maca, rhodiola, cinnamon, chromium, sea buckthorn, turmeric, fenugreek, peppermint, rosemary, cayenne, clove, ginger and calendula (taken 1-2x/day with largest meals, esp. “cheat meals”)

8 responses to Alissa’s Daily Dietary Intake


    Hi again Jeff/Alissa

    More questions. I started training today and both the workout and eating plan proposed to me are problematic. I would like to shift both of these. I don’t have 2.5 hours every day to spend at the gym working out for starters. Not when I’m a single parent most the year trying to care for 2 busy little girls! The current eating plan does not really allow for my regular Isalean shakes and I’m missing them already! I would like to move to Alissa’s plan but again have some questions regarding modifications. The plan assumes a 8-9am workout. So when you aren’t working out at this time, how do you modify the diet? For supplements I am taking the Ionix and cleanse at waking, along with glutamine, branch chain amino acids and my Women’s Essential AM pack (minus 1 multi saved for later), and 1 accelerator. Jeff you recommend others, but I’m a little unclear as to what I should all be taking. When you say cheese, can you be more specific (i.e. type, make, fat content).

    Sorry for the question overload! Thanks


      Hello! Thanks again for your questions! Whoever has 2.5hrs every day to spend at the gym needs to reassess their life and their training approach! We also have two young children at home (5yrs and 19mos.), operate a full-time business from home and travel for workshops/seminars. This is one of the many reasons why we started this blog to share our journey preparing for our first fitness competition to show people how it can be done with a more realistic time commitment. It’s about working out SMARTER not LONGER. And with nutrition, it’s about building smarter cells that know how to properly metabolize carbs and fat and respond to caloric intake so you don’t have to stress over restrictive dietary practices based on “Carb Paranoia”, “Fat Phobia” and “Calorie Counting”.

      The biggest piece of the puzzle in making this possible and what we refer to as the “missing link” is Isagenix. The unique manner in which it helps to cleanse and replenish the whole body acts like a catalyst to exercise and nutrition. In preparing for our first fitness competition we are EXERCISING LESS than we ever have before. We’ve cut our workouts from what used to be 45-60min down to 15-40min with most being completed under 30min. Only in our last 2 weeks pre-competition did we start doing cardio every day for 20-40min.

      What most people don’t realize is that EXERCISE DOES NOT BURN FAT OR BUILD MUSCLE! All this takes place during the recovery period BETWEEN EXERCISE SESSIONS! But ONLY IF certain conditions are met in the areas of NUTRITION, SLEEP, and STRESS. All that’s required to ensure the body is set up for success with exercise is to perform what’s referred to as the “MINIMAL EFFECTIVE DOSE”! Anything beyond that actually overtrains/overstresses the body and challenges its ability to maximize the desired adaptive response. We will be posting details of our workouts in the very near future as examples of this approach. For now I have a couple such workouts posted in the notes section of my facebook fanpage (JeffBorisWellnessSolutions).

      With regards to modifying Alissa’s meal plan to a different workout time, the only stipulation is that wherever you schedule your workout you have your pre-workout shake, post-workout shake and then approx. 45-60min after the post-workout shake you have the post-workout meal. Then simply follow the rest of the meal plan as is.

      With regards to supplements, everything you’re already taking is great. I definitely suggest taking 2 Accelerators per day (1 upon waking and 1 around lunchtime). I also highly recommend taking creatine for the goal of maximizing the building of muscle. This is one “body-building” type of supplement that’s been around the longest, has a great deal of credible research behind it and can be safely consumed by both men and women. We chose to add a digestive enzyme to our two largest meals to enhance the nutrient breakdown and utilization to receive maximum benefit from the nutrients/calories in our food. We also added the chromium supplement to enhance the body’s glucose tolerance ability since we are consuming extra calories and want to maximize the benefits to building muscle while minimizing conversion to fat. The daily cleanse is great to minimize bloating, water retention, tendency of daily toxin exposure to get stored in fat, and keep cravings under control.

      For cheese, preferably organic, and NO low fat. We’re not fans of “low-fat” foods as long as the fats are naturally occurring. Nature put them there for a reason and the process that removes the fats from dairy foods also removes key nutrients and co-factors important in it being digested and utilized properly. I believe lactose intolerance and other food sensitivities stem from consuming “incomplete foods” where the fat and other nutrients have been removed. Furthermore, especially for women, it’s counterproductive to be eating a diet too low in fat. We haven’t done anything to cut fat from our diet as we have been cutting the fat from our body 🙂 Consuming sufficient fat is one of the keys to creating that “responsive metabolism” I referred to earlier.

      Phew!!!…I think that answers all your questions 🙂

      Enjoy the Bodyssey!
      Jeff & Alissa


    Oh and one more thing. When you say “mixed bean” does that mean lentils or other?


    Hi Alyssa,

    I’m training with Lindsay Wolfe, (2 bootcamp + 2 personal sessions) and i just got into Isagenix, so far i like it but the taste is mehh. Anyhow, i saw the food you consume daily and i guess my question is: Is this what you would recommend for people that are NOT training for a competition? is it based on a 2000 calories diet? When do we get to see you in the competition? 🙂

    Thanks for your time



      Hello Diana,

      Thanks for your e-mail. Congrats on better supporting your body and goals with Isagenix! It’s the perfect catalyst to accelerating results on any exercise program. If you are finding the taste “mehh” we find that this is almost always because the body is in need of cleansing and when the body is either acidic or higher in heavy metal toxicity it throws the taste of everything off. You will find that as you continue to cleanse your body that everything will begin to taste differently (incl. foods) and your cells will literally come to life! The nutrition plan I am following is great for anyone who simply wants to improve their body composition whether they are competing or not. This is not much different then how I eat any other time other than I am more conscious of consuming more protein and taking some extra supplements. We don’t count calories because it doesn’t work so it’s not based on any specific amount of caloric intake. But we do monitor portions, food choices and nutrient timing. When you do this in combination with the Isagenix cleansing protocol then the body’s digestive efficiency improves (you get a higher percentage of nutrients from what you eat with greater fuel efficiency) and the body’s metabolism learns to become naturally responsive to fluctuations in caloric intake. That is when you have days where you consume a greater amount of calories then the body revs up it’s metabolism to ensure it’s using up the excess, and when you don’t consume enough calories to support muscle metabolism the energy factories in the cells (mitochondria) actually become more efficient allowing you to get “more mileage” out of each calorie. This helps avoid the body going into a catabolic state where it could lose precious muscle. This is the beauty of how Isagenix works unlike anything else!!! Watch for our “after” and competition pics next week. The first competition is this Saturday, May 7th in London (Stephanie Worsfold Classic).

      Enjoy the Bodyssey!
      Alissa & Jeff


    Hi guys! I think you both look AMAZING!! I was looking at your meal and supplement plan ~~ I think I am going to follow.. One question. What is the natural organic thermogenic blend?
    Thanks in advance


      Thanks Chrissy. We rely mostly on the Isagenix products and when you look at what’s found in the Cleanse Drink, Ionix Supreme, Accelerator Capsules, Isagenix Snacks and Ageless Actives along with some other beneficial ingredients, these contain the ingredients that we refer to as a “natural thermogenic blend”. However, when we traveled on vacation to the Dominican about 2 weeks before our competition and we were indulging (but still training) every day we took another product called “Supercritical Thermogenics” by New Chapter which is also a natural thermogenic blend.
      Enjoy the Bodyssey!
      Jeff & Alissa

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