Tonight’s Dinner – Mega Omlette for Mega Muscle

March 26, 2011 — Leave a comment


It’s been an exceptionally “fruitful” week for us with almost triple our regular workload. Getting home late on a Friday night I still had to fit in today’s cardio (which happened to turn into another PB!) and abs. As usual, IMMEDIATELY post-exercise I blessed my body with an IsaLean shake delivering a total of 40g of the world’s most bioavailable building blocks. This is what I call “911 Recovery Nutrition”. With the body suffering from “post-traumatic exercise stress” the cells have activated their version of an “Emergency Action Plan“.  Such a post-recovery drink is linked to 600% greater exercise results! Omit this #1 Rule of Transformational Nutrition and you are literally throwing away bonus results!

Then exactly 60min later I prepared my post-exercise “Recovery Insurance“. With the body still in an enhanced state of “readiness to recover” this meal closes the deal for getting the most out of your exercise session.

Tonight the meal pictured here consisted of whole grain rye toast with organic butter and an omlette made with 6tbsp of egg whites plus 4 whole eggs for a total of 35g of protein. The omlette was stuffed with red onion, red pepper, organic salsa and some cheese.

With one last meal to go before bed both Alissa and I will have plain organic yogurt mixed with 1 scoop of chocolate IsaLean shake, 1tbsp chia seed, 1tbsp hemp seed, raw cacao nibs and a few almonds/walnuts.

Train Smart. Eat Smarter.

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