Never say “Never”!

February 27, 2011 — Leave a comment

I can recall several times in my life dating as far back as high school and as recent as this past January, where I said “I would never enter a fitness competition” and yet here I am NOW with my wife Alissa, not just committed to this new goal together but filled with more excitement and enthusiasm than I’ve experienced in a long time about anything! So what changed? Two things – 1. Learning about the “EXERCISE MYTH & NUTRITION TRUTH“, and 2. ME!

What’s interesting is that when people saw me training or noticed what shape I was already in, many would ask “What are you training for?” or “Have you ever thought about competing?What held me back were my own limiting beliefs, subtle aspects of  “perfectionism” that I didn’t appreciate the true impact of, and simply not wanting to go through many of the unhealthy practices that have become a part of fitness competitions for building one’s physique to that degree. Since the lives of many people are also influenced by limiting beliefs and varying degrees of perfectionism, often unknowingly, I will be exploring this more in future posts.

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know” about exercise and nutrition and how by overhauling my approach to exercise (after 20 yrs) and integrating a lifestyle-based approach to nutritional cleansing as part of the process that what most bodybuilders/fitness competitors do is no longer necessary, and the results are superior! Through our regular updates and progress reports I will share many insights into “The Exercise Myth & Nutritional Truth”.

In spite of having this know-how, it was the recent loss of my brother that really triggered the shift in perception I needed to commit myself to a Bigger, Bolder Goal. The kind of goal that scares you, but at the same time you know will make you a better person just for having tried regardless of the outcome. What I learned about my own brother in the month since he passed away also taught me many things about myself. Things that have freed me and are now allowing me to Be More, Do More & Give More. It is a combination of this personal growth plus a desire to honour and pay tribute to one of the most influential people in my life that both my wife and I are embarking on this journey – Bodyssey 2011.

Back to “Never say never“…Life is fragile and uncertain. Saying “never” instantly closes oneself off from all possibilities. It makes the wrong assumption that who we are today, we will always be, and what we know today will not change, and those we love will be around long enough to do and say all the things we need to. So, how open are you to becoming more of the person you are meant to be and truly capable of being? What’s on your “Never List”? What’s holding you back?

Make it a Great Day worthy of your Best Life!

Jeff Boris

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