What is Bodyssey?

Doubt-Faith-bodybuilding-JeffBod•ys•sey (noun \bä-də-sē\)

1: a long, exciting epic journey, usually towards a physical goal of some sort, full of adventures and marked by many changes of fortune.
2: an intellectual or spiritual quest through a series of physical experiences that give new knowledge or greater understanding to a) the process of physical transformation, and b) the transition from one stage of life or set of beliefs to another.

WELCOME to Jeff’s & Alissa’s bodyssey, an epic journey of transformation. We are a husband and wife team with two young children (Brayden & Lauren) who first committed to entering our FIRST FITNESS COMPETITION together in 2011.

This decision came about because of the sudden and unexpected loss of my younger brother, Stephen Boris (my only sibling and best friend) on January 28th, 2011. Having experienced just how fragile life is we’ve awakened to experiencing greater joy in all the little things, spending even more quality time with each other and our children. In honour of Steve, and as a means of helping us not only get back on track but to the next level, we re-entered the IsaBody Challenge (2007 Couples Category Winners) and also decided to start training together to enter our first fitness competition (at 40 and 37), the Stephanie Worsfold Classic OPA Natural Ontario Qualifier, on May 7th, 2011 in London, ON.

The Bodyssey2011 blog was first launched to reveal our journey using our physical transformation goals as a vehicle to: a) work through our grief, b) honour my brother, c) serve our personal evolution, and d) help you embark on your own “bodyssey” experience to fulfill ever greater levels of your potential. With the loss of my brother we encountered new challenges and gained fresh perspectives. As we chose to create (vs. find) our way to our “new normal” we decided to do so with greater conscious awareness and in honour of Steve, with a commitment to creating a life more in alignment with what’s most important and in greater harmony with our higher selves.

Symbolic of our “new normal” with a natural shift in our perceptions, we also embarked upon a new approach to life and our transformation goals. We were already grateful for the shape we were in, but our current “after” shape has become our “before” and continues to evolve as such. So in order to achieve our most dramatic transformation in taking ourselves from “buffed to beyond built” we let go of who we thought we were (i.e. self-imposed limitations/limiting beliefs/habitual conditioning), so we may become even more and test our true limits. Part of this process involves questioning popular conventional wisdom (delivers conventional results) while exploring the fringe theories behind implementing the most effective non-conventional practices (delivers non-conventional results beyond measure).

Bodyssey2011 continues to share our ongoing journey with the IsaBody Challenge and our natural physique competitions. It is both an odyssey through physical transformation with education in training methodology, nutrition, supplementation and other lifestyle variables, as well as a personal journey within, seeking to better understand who we are Becoming in the process, what our role is in Living by Greater Example and how we will continue with our Bodyssey in the spirit of “good, better, best” (progress over perfection) as a lifestyle change. Moreover, this is an odyssey upon which we set out together as a community of learners and transformers, in a non-judgmental environment, forming bonds with one another, family, friends and the wider community you’re a part of. Together we are all part of a TransformNation TM.

In honour of Stephen Boris

(Sept. 23, 1974 – Jan. 28, 2011)

~ Loved Brother, Best Friend, Fun Workout Partner ~

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